Thursday, April 8, 2010

Disney---Allen Style Day 5 -Hollywood Studios

Alarm off at 7:15 am

Got to the park around 9:30 a.m.  To you die-hard Disney pro's I know we've broken all the rules as we've yet to arrive an hour prior to opening.  In my personal experience I have decided the earlier you arrive, the MORE you wait in line.  So I am a fan of the early afternoon late evening schedule. 

Parking- Film 28 the furthest spot we've had to date with the earliest arrival to the park. 

Right off the bat- High School Musical Wildcats in Concert.  Shayne was so excited... not.

Next stop- 5 Fast Passes for Tower of Terror and were a little disappointed to learn that only 1 active Fast Pass can be held at a time.

Me and Shayne head to the Rock nRoller Coaster- 70 minute wait- Group F2
Rest of gang headed to Playhouse Disney Live on Stage- Handy Manny, Tigger & Pooh, Little Einsteins and more. 

I was impressed with the waiting process for the coaster- DJ with games and music, Dance Revolution, etc.  It was fun.

No, this is not my husband but we did find his twin.

Shayne made a new friend
Mom had to disappear for a while
Shayne smiling
Mom happy 
Technical difficulty-ride closed for 10 more minutes
Finally after 90 minutes or so we ride

Thanks to Ride Swap Rex, Shayne and I got to get right back in line to ride again.  

Well, I thought the three of us were going to ride.  After this picture in line, Shayne ditched us to ride Tower of Terror with said new friend -it's okay mom- she's from Indianna :) I actually got to ride a coaster this week with my husband.  First and probably the last. 

Mary Ellen & Gary took the little ones to see Beauty and the Beast.  Elijah is still trying to find out who the Beast really is.  Whatever happened in that show, Isaiah is now convinced he make things disappear. 

Next up- the whole gang rides the Tower of Terror. 
Elijah loved it; Isaiah and Halianne not so much- but they handled it.  Souvenier - Skull of Horrow- a wonderful little squeeze ball in the shape of a skull with worms and rats inside.  I so love being a mom to boys! 

Shayne came back for his Fast Pass- friend had to leave- strangers gave Rex and Mary Ellen their Fast Pass (shhh, not supposed to do this) so they rode again, free from scared little people hanging on their arms.

I spotted a family like ours. White daddy and mommy, older daughter and two beautiful little black daughters about 3 and 4- so cute.  I would loved to have sat down and talked to her.  Since my boys weren't with me at the time, she probably thought I was "one of those people"  I wasn't, I was just happy to see we are not alone.   I smiled at her.  I wondered if she thought I was judging her. 
Later, I ran into her again, this time I had my boys with me.  She smiled at me. Maybe she was glad to know she wasn't alone either.   

Ice Cream Sundaes.  Isaiah threw my brand new bottled water in trash can.  Mom fished bottle water out of trash can.  Don't judge me- it was $2.50, ice cold and I had sanitizer and baby wipes. 

It's now about 3:30- huge crowds, rude crowds.  Curt & Charles meet us at the park and give us some direction- seems we have wasted some time trying to decide what to do next- thankful for patient friends who roll with us. 

Purchased the Disney Misting Fan for Elijah- (thanks Aunt Bonnie) on our way to the other side of the park.  Fun little fan that sprays water as it cools- at $17 still a good purchase since it was so hot today.

We catch the last few minutes of the  Pixar Block party parade and head to the Studio Backlot Tour.  Exit right during the special effects for emergency potty breaks.  Thankfully, the Disney staff let us go through the back to meet up with the rest of our group to finish the tour via tram.  Radioing ahead so we could get through- I'm sure those in line thought Mary Ellen & I were superstars or something, especially since I'm told they never do that.

The tour was fun- I especially enjoyed the Mojave Oil tragedy. 

Next- I played with Elijah, Shayne &  Halianne in Honey I Shrunk the Kids while Rex waited in line with Isaiah to get the Monster autograph- Isaiah didn't make it; fell asleep in line. I had a blast climbing the webs and sliding down the slides with the kids.  Actually relaxing. 

Pit stop for a little 1:1 with Elijah on our way into Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt show.
Stadium seating for hundreds- top row seats- dead-weight, sleeping Isaiah.  I think Rex lost a few pounds getting to our seats and I was thankful when all 10 were accounted for and noboby had  passed out.

It is now a little after 6pm.   I realize that the misting fan is nowhere to be found (think it got left in bathroom during my 1:1 with Elijah)  I went to the Disney staff and explained - she tried to call manager to see if they could replace- waited about 10 minutes then gave up and bought two more, Isaiah decided that is what he wanted as his surprise (thanks again Aunt Bonnie)  The woman at the stand literally chased me down with her manager in tow.  They gave me a refund for newly purchased fan.  Disney scores points on this one. 

1 fan, 2 fans, 3 fans more...

Eleven hungry, hungry people head to The Commisary for dinner.  Cheeseburgers, Chicken Nuggets, Fries and drinks for five $45 ouch.  My boys love Charles, their new BFF.

This mom's goal today was the Toy Story Midway Mania- it wasn't meant to be.  Fast Passes all distributed by 3pm- 90 minute wait right up until 9 pm... so we finished the day with the Great Movie Ride at Curt's suggestion and it was a good one- glad we didn't miss this one. 

                                                        My own barrel of monkeys. ....

The time is now 9:05 pm and we are on our way home.  I often ask my kids what their favorite part of the day was.  When I asked tonight the answers were:

Isaiah "not the elevator"  meaning Tower of Terror -his favorite was the choo-choo train (tram to the car)
Elijah "the elevator" 
Shayne never answered me but I think I know.

Elijah passes out in the car, I put Isaiah to bed. 

The adults and Shayne have a late night swim- and Papa Johns pizza (not the best idea at our age, but we were still hungry)

We solved the world's problems for a while and Murray and I called it quits about 1:45 a.m. Gary and Rex gave it up about an hour later.

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  1. I LOVE the updates!! However, it makes me miss you guys more & more.
    Tell the boys I love 'em :)


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