Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Disney---- Allen Style Day 4

We slept in a bit, had breakfast on the lanai (I've always wanted to say that) and then we headed East to visit family and friends.
It wasn't easy, but I did get Isaiah out of his "basketball pants" which he has insisted on wearing everyday since we left Roanoke.

note they are now inside out as well...

We met up with Bonnie & Kenneth at Denny's in Altamonte Springs, FL- about a 45 minute drive.  After a good lunch with hugs and catch-up conversation- we said our good-byes and headed toward Winter Springs, Florida.

We got to see Curty's beautiful home and visit for a few hours with him and Charles.  Rex and Curt have been friends since they were 2 years old.

  Elijah just couldn't handle the excitement and pooped out for a while. 

Isaiah busied himself by making strawberry and bananna pizza's.  Looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow at Hollywood Studios.  Buzz & Woody- here we come!

We headed back West with a pit-stop at Prime Outlets.  Huge outlet mall. 
I searched out a stroller and almost had to fight for it.. don't mess with this tired momma, lady!

Our "dumb things people say" comment today came courtesy of a Footlocker employee- asking Rex if those were his boys.  Rex said yes, to which he said.. "where'd you get them?"  After some further conversation, it turns out he was trying to empathize with our family.  As an African American Asian transplant from CA- he has run into a lot of prejudice himself and was basically trying to encourage Rex. 

Kids got Walt Disney World coloring books and baseball caps, Elijah's is orange imagine that.  Mommy got Mickey flip-flops and Daddy got some sunglasses and cologne.  Shayne was in search of tennis shoes- no success.  We will keep trying- he has no interest in Mickey peraphanelia. 
So excited to find the Nestle cookie store- treats for all.  Sadly, they looked better than they tasted.

My kids are over-stimulated and over-tired. 

We drew attention.

We left.

McDonalds drive-through (feels like home) they didn't give us our $2.58 juice boxes- kids melt-down again.  Daddy shared his Diet Coke.

Second Wind!  

In by 9:30pm.  A few minutes of cartoons and all the little people put to bed. 

This momma is headed to bed... tired feet and all.

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