Sunday, April 4, 2010

Disney---- Allen Style Day 1

While I sit in the bedroom with my little guys as they try to fall asleep, think I'll take advantage of the quiet and blog our adventure.  
Today has been a busy and fun filled day.  We started bright and early this morning and was on the road a little after 7am.  We flew out of Greensboro, and ran into more people from Roanoke at the airport there than I've ever ran into when flying out of Roanoke.  I was so worried about doing all carryon with Allegiant Air- their size restrictions are firm and I refused to spend more for our clothes to get her, than I spent for us to get here.  How exciting to check-in, and have them check our baggage for free.  Apparently, there is less overhead space in the front of the plane- where they put the people with small kids.  Free- because I am a rule follower and all our luggage met carry-on restrictions.  Anyway, we didn't have to cart it through the airport which made us all happy.  To all my friends who love the grey, I guess sometimes black and white pays off.  Getting through security went smoothly and breakfast at Dunkin Donuts hit the spot.

Elijah loved the plane and wasn't afraid at all- took in every detail from the sky; but had an earache the last 20 minutes or so.  Thankfully- it left upon landing.  Isaiah was a little afraid- he told me he was scared, and then asked with great concern, "Mommy is this gonna be fun"  I assured him it would be, and he responded with his current favorite word "okaaaaay"  He conquered his fear by coloring and shooting me with his Army men.  Spider man scared Miss Muffet away so all was well with the fearful 3 year old.  Everytime I looked over at Shayne, his nose was glued to the window.  He is like his mom, and prefers the window seat. 

The weather is perfect- high 80's and sunny.  We saw a few people who resembled lobsters- on one side... hope they know they should use sunscreen.  They are calling for mid 80's and sunshine all week- what good timing for us. 

After getting our rental car- a 2010 Silver Impala (we so loved our White Impala when we owned it, so we are enjoying having a real car, at least for a week) we ate at one of our fave's--- CHILI's.  Yep, lunch at 4:30 and dinner at 4:30pm.  Rex says we are on the old people schedule- having one meal a day.  Anyway, we were very hungry and cleaned our plates.

I wished I had my camera handy early in the afternoon (I was driving and decided that was more important) however watching the cows graze among the palm trees and orange groves was something I have never seen before.

Then, it was off to find our villa.  We were pleasantly surprised.  It is extremely nice, beautifully furnished and very roomy.  We are already pondering a new vacation trandition, hmmmm.  The boys wasted no time getting into the pool, which was so nice and warm,  I found myself in a hurry too.  All five of us enjoyed about 2 hours of swimming, racing, dunking and darting back and forth into the hot tub.  It was so fun and I wondered why we had to travel to Florida to relax in a way we never seem to be able to do at home.  It must be the sunshine. 

We then realized we were thirsty and hungry- so off to the store to stock the completely empty cabinets- at least with some snacks until we figure out our plans.  I believe I may have ran into the Easter bunny while shopping :)

It is around 11:40 pm and I think our buddies, Gary, Murray & Halianne just got here- we are happy to be able to spend the week with such great friends (missing a few others but we won't talk about that now)  and we are glad they arrived safely.

If my memory serves me correctly (which is probably won't) this will be the first Easter since we got engaged that we aren't home.  Our tradition is usually going to my mom's for dinner- it will be a bit weird to be so far from our familiar world for such a special day.  Rex asked me to marry him on Easter Sunday- after he stood me up for the sunrise service- maybe I'll share that story tomorrow.  I am so happy that my Jesus arose from the dead, aren't you. 

Well, it seems my boys are both snoring- such a sweet sound and I need some chocolate.  I have pictures from today I'll upload tomorrow. 

Goodnight- this weary traveler is calling it a day.


  1. THANKS for the update. It's so nice hearing how you're doing :)
    I hope you have a wonderful Easter today - I love you guys!

  2. we missed you at easter!! :) Glad your having a blast!


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