Saturday, April 10, 2010

Disney----Allen Style.... Coming Home!

EARLY morning today.  Everybody up, dressed, car packed and on the road by 6:45 a.m.  Intended on having plenty of cash today for toll roads but I missed 417N so we missed all the tolls completely.  I was shocked by the traffic so early on a Saturday morning.  Doesn't anybody sleep in on the weekends?

Breakfast at CinnaBon at the airport- $29 double ouch and the boys didn't even like the mini-bites.  Go figure!

Allegiant checked our baggage for free again but I find it funny that she didn't offer until after I told her I would be carrying all of them on.  Felt like a crazy game of chicken- but thankful we didn't have to lug it all through the airport.  My kids are a little more "frazzled" than they were a week ago and not so excited to share in the baggage parade. 

Poor Isaiah, mention the word elevator and he panics "are we going down, I don't want to ride"- I wonder how long the Tower of Terror will haunt him?

The flight went well- landed in Greensboro right on time.  Lost my parking ticket so had to pay an extra day- oh well.  I'm the first to admit my brain doesn't work as well as it used to. 

We had hoped to be able to spend some time with Katie and Audrey but those plans didn't work out.  We were disappointed, but the change got us home a little earlier.  Lunch at Wendy's drive-through in Martinsville and the boys actually were awake to eat. 

We are getting so close to home now, I think I can hear my doggies barking.

Sleepily pulled into the driveway around 3pm.  Teri, JJ, Kristen and Phillip came by to welcome us home.  We enjoyed the sunshine on the patio although it is definitely much cooler here than we've been accustomed to the last week. 

Shayne left with them.  An early bath and bed for the boys and Szechuan delivery for us. 
Everything is off schedule for us now- naps, bedtime, baths, meals.  I am fearful they may wake up around midnight and ask me for some pizza.

Rex asked me if I feel like I've been hit by a truck- and yes, I believe I do. 

24 messages on the answering machine and a stack of mail - bills, including the official notice that our boys insurance was fully approved and new ID cards being issued in the name of Elijah & Isaiah ALLEN.  The last -last thing to be done legally.  Now, when we go to the Doctor  they can change all their medical records and call them by their real name.

As I look back on the week I have learned some important things about me and my family.  First, is that the world isn't as ready as I thought to accept "different" families like ours.  But, the hardest thing for me this week is that reality slap in the face again that my oldest son is growing up.  I can't force him to enjoy the same "family" stuff that my little guys enjoy.  I am accepting that that is okay too.  He doesn't have to be with us in everything we do for me to know he loves us and I love him.  He is turning into a man and this mom is just not sure how to handle that one.  I found myself treasuring every minute I got to spend with him.  Swimming and playing in the pool, letting him dunk me and get my hair wet was the easy part.  Letting him stay home while we went to Magic Kingdom was much more difficult.  My favorite time was just being together during the long wait for the Rockin' Roller Coaster it was precious to me- he will never know how much.  Watching him, listening to him.  Our conversations are changing.  He is changing.  He was a great sport and while I know he would have preferred to have been at Universal Studios, Kings Dominion or the beach he was kind and sweet and patient and a great big brother this week. 

I am happy to be outnumbered 4:1 by males in my life.  And so blessed to have good friends through thick and thin.  Friends like the Holland's who endured the tantrums, exhaustion, fits, whining, tears, hunger pains, untimely potty breaks and walking in circles trying to decide what to do next.  They even endured a few tantrums from me & Rex. Since we are both raising children who need a little more from us than we sometimes feel like we have to give, doing it together and having the support of each other is so helpful.  And, for the Nance's who usually vacation with us and couldn't this year, who were so genuinely excited we were coming home they made it a priority just to come by and get some hugs and chat for a while.  We treasure you all. 

I joked this week because although at times I felt like crying, it had nothing to do with the castle; and I kept  looking for the "magic" I've heard about my entire life. At first, I was disappointed when I didn't find it in Orlando. 

Seems I have been looking in the wrong place- the happiest place on earth is really right here within the four walls of my home and my heart. 

Now, it is off to bed for this emotional and tired momma because tomorrow vacation is over and my life is back to "normal"  There is no place like home.

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