Monday, March 22, 2010


isaiah- where's my cookie
mommy- i don't know, but you weren't supposed to have a cookie

isaiah- but daddy said i could have a cookie in my bedroom
mommy- you didn't eat dinner - you aren't supposed to have a cookie tonight

isaiah- but daddy said (now crying) somebody ate my cookie
(mommy remembers that indeed daddy told him he could eat a cookie in his room)
isaiah- you're mean mommy-
mommy's heard this before- but he said it with respect :)

isaiah- looking up at daddy with big tears- will you spank her butt, she's mean
daddy- i can't spank mommy

isaiah- why, mommy's mean, she won't give me a cookie and you said (now pitifully sad big brown eyes)

Mommy's leaving at 6am tomorrow to go to CA for work the rest of week -

Mommy gave her baby a cookie.

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