Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Proud (not sure)

Wow- my Shayne had his first job interview today 03-17-10, 4:30 p.m. Shenandoah Baptist Church.

The job in question- he wants to be a sewer rat at Camp Eagle. (I know what you're thinking so to clarify yes, it is much what it sounds like) But it is the perfect job for him. He loves the outdoors- it's outside. He loves to work hard- there's plenty. He enjoys making new friends- new opportunitis every week. He wants to earn money- there is even some of that.

I am blown away by the possibility- no, the reality that my precious baby boy is turning into a man. I want to slow it down, it is happening so fast. He is ready- I am not.

I want him to be a baby a little longer. NOT happening! So, if he must grow up so fast that he now thinks he must have a job; I can't think of one any better than Camp Eagle. It is a place he already loves. Thank you Katie and Kari for introducing our family to Camp Eagle. Shayne has gone to camp every summer since he was old enough to stay the week (actually he got to go a little early- we had connections)

If he gets the job, he will be working for people he already respects. Surrounded by God's nature, and God's word. Eating, sleeping and working alongside teens and adults who are in love with Jesus. He won't just be growing into a man; but growing into a Godly man. How cool is that!

Today, however I found myself sitting and waiting on the outside. Outside of the office, outside of the process, outside of some pieces of his future. I don't think I like it on the outside, just saying.

He wasn't nervous- I was. He wasn't sweaty- I was. He wasn't proud- I am.


  1. I hope he gets to do it- how awesome! (I mean, for him. No amount of $ would get me to be a sewer rat. Ugh. :)

  2. Woo Hoo!!! So excited for him... anda little jealous I will admit! Tell him to text me as soon as he knows!!!


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