Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I was blessed today to experience two levels of comfort (un) and very. For those of you who may not know, I had a double mastectomy in December 2003. It was quiet a journey - 4 surgeries in 12 months- it was by far the most difficult physical experience of my life. I went back to see my surgeon today- nothing major but just walking in to his office brought back a flood of memories; and definitely made me uncomfortable. I could hear him in the hallway talking biopsies, and melanoma's, and surgeries, and telling someone he was sorry and hoped everything worked out. My stomach hurt. I was anxious to get out of that all too familiar exam room. I left feeling so very grateful.

Then, I came home and was blessed to be very comfortable. Dinner (spaghetti) our specialty, shared with friends. Friends that have been around for so long people are telling us we are starting to look like each other. We tried to talk over the chaos that is such a huge part of our world. Eight people talking at once. My mom taught me that was rude, but it seems to work for us. We ate dessert together, (Cookies & Cream pie)and watched Biggest Loser; this has become our Tuesday night routine.

It's a good routine.
We like it.
We keep repeating it.
'Cause we like it.
It is comfortable.

But, 6 years ago we all might have feared these crazy nights wouldn't come. Just 4 months after my mastectomies, my look-a-like, lifelong friend was diagnosed with cancer too.

She too had quiet a journey.
Different from mine; but both our journey's brought us closer and we walked them together.
God healed her too.

So, here we are on a Tuesday night; all of us- husbands, wives, teenagers, and pre-schoolers. Friends.

Comfortable and content and thankful for our chaos and God's blessings in it.

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