Saturday, February 27, 2010

A day in our life-

So I know you are wondering what it's like in our world, come on you know you are, so here's a glimpse.

Shayne is not home- he spent the night at Phillip's.

It started before 8AM with Isaiah cutting his hair - when asked why, he replied because he wanted short hair.. A few minutes later he returned all smiles asking us to "feel" his head- which was now "poofy" and "fluffy" after brushing his little black curls with mommy's brush.

By 9AM- Daddy and Isaiah were off to the laundramat and Elijah and Mommy started cleaning the house. Together we mopped the kitchen/office, 2 foyers and 2 bathrooms (which contained evidence from Isaiah's self-beautification from earlier in the morning) Elijah was having a blast and exclaimed halfway through the 2nd bathroom that he just loved to mop, it was his favorite thing to do... He was so sure it is my favorite he insisted on taking my picture with the mop.

Shayne made it home late afternoon making this a typical Saturday. We managed to pack in vacuuming, cleaning out two cars(yuck- we really should stop letting them drink chocolate milk and eat french fries in the car) more laundry, cleaning out two closets, several baths, grocery shopping, cooking dinner for GrandMa Allen and Aunt Tret, several time outs, a sweet afternoon snuggle, and some quotes worth remembering---

Isaiah to Rex & me at dinner-
"you my buddy right (looking at Rex)you my buddy right (looking at me)then put it in" - requiring a fist bump from both of us.

Isaiah to mommy when deciding to go to the landramat with daddy-
"It's okay mommy, I still love you"

Conversation between Elijah and Isaiah while wrestling..
Isaiah - "Elijah,you got a tear?"
Elijah - "that's not a tear, you drooled on me!"

Elijah after being told yet again to quit running in the house...
"We're not running, we're slowing"

And lastly, well they say a picture is worth a thousand words which is good because I really don't have words for this----

So here it is 11pm, I've tucked my little ones into bed, Elijah prayed and thanked God that "mommy and daddy is in charge" proving he does listen to what we say, Shayne's watching a movie in the living room (which having him home and in the same room is a treat) Rex is checking Facebook and I've got more laundry to put away.

Even exhausted, it's days like today that remind me why I love being a mom!

I am so blessed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sticky Fingers---

I was dealing with Elijah who was having a bad day; walked into the kitchen to get something and found Isaiah hiding behind the bar; he was obviously tired of waiting for his dinner. Sometimes, you just have to stop and enjoy the moments.

He did offer to share:)

and then he was done.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

hmmmm- did I get old, or mature?

Our first country concert in many, many years...

Stranger's Beer spilt onto my new purse -eeeww.

Loud screams of excitement

Cold wait for shuttle

Long, cold wait for shuttle

Running into friends- in the beer line ???? yup.

Long bathroom lines (for me, not Rex)

Cold hamburgers and fries

Cramped seats

It took me a while to adjust to the culture that I apparently am now far removed from. I love country music- grew up on it-and it makes me happy. But, I think tonight may have been a reality check for me. I kept thinking, am I old or have I just matured a bit. I wasn't awestruck by Tim McGraw, or Lady Antebellum. They were good, no doubt about it. While Tim did a great show and sang wonderful country music- he is not the person I dream about. I sat and watched- the people around me. Crazy people! Youngins who knew and sang every song word for word (loudly) Adults dressed like the youngins but not really pulling off the look. Fashion statements everywhere. People so close to the stage- repeatedly reaching up their hands just for the chance to briefly touch the performers hands- who would reach down every so often and start the cycle again. So brief, but contact made. I'm pretty sure we didn't look like we belonged there tonight- no cowboy boots, no mini skirt, neither of us in flannel shirts and definitely not sporting cowboy hats or purses made of cow skin. It was very entertaining tonight, in many ways. I watched women, lots of them almost drooling over this star. I smiled. I smiled because the man that I dream about, and would trample others to be near was sitting right next to me. As the love songs were sung, I remembered how blessed I am to have Rex in my life. My heart pitter patters for Rex- not a star on stage. I am so thankful that God gave me my very own superstar, I can touch him, put my hand in his hand any time I want, talk to him, smell him, and yes, even yell at him. He's real and he's mine. So, while some people went home tonight to dream about what could be, I will dream peacefully about what is. I think I'll call that mature.
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