Wednesday, January 6, 2010


One simple request- sit on your own bed and wait for mommy. Obviously, it was too difficult for my pre-schoolers to handle as I returned to E&I's room just minutes later to find them straddled mid-air between their beds- each going a different direction. While they looked really cute- with arms and legs intermingled- kind of like a circus act, they had in fact disobeyed mommy. I hate it when that happens. They tried to convince me that they were sitting on their beds. I might have considered that compliance, since technically they were touching a bed had it not been for the toys thrown all over the room that could only have been achieved by NOT sitting on their beds. I asked them, what did mommy ask you to do? the response, "we were sitting on our beds." hmmm, no you weren't. To E, I stated I saw you - to which he replied, "no you didn't." It went south from there, so I calmly explained the consequence for disobeying- and the onslaught began:
we didn't do it mommy
it was an accident on purpose
one more chance mommy
we did sit
one more chance
and then finally- I'm sorry mommy, I'm sorry mommy
As I tried to love them through the horror of their consequence for disobeying, and teach them that while I forgive them, saying sorry doesn't mean there are not consequences, and begging please, while it is good manners doesn't guarantee they get what they are begging for. They really didn't care about all that-they continued to beg and plead, scream and cry. What's a mom to do? The hard thing, of course. Since Rex and I are trying so hard to be consistent with discipline, to help them learn self-control, I stood my ground and made them accountable for disobeying. I must admit, it is difficult to watch my children struggle in these life lessons- it is so much easier to give in; but I know that giving in doesn't teach them anything of value, only that Mommy is a pushover. So tonight, as I was rocking my boys, reminding them that I forgive them, and I love them, I thought of just how often I give those same excuses to God. One more chance, it was an accident -on purpose :0) please, I said PLEASE! I'm sorry God. Thankfully, my Father loves me and wants the best for me, so while He forgives, He stands his ground- TRUTH and allows consequences in my life. I wonder tho, does God cry with me, and laugh at me as he watches me throw tantrums in dealing with the disappointments of my own actions?

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