Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Scary Chips

It was supposed to be fun. The recipe said so. Tacos in a bag. My kids love tacos and how fun to eat them out of a bag. I bought the ingredients weeks ago and tonight was the night. Quick and Easy. One problem- the warm frito's bag with yummy taco meat and melting cheese totally freaked my boys out. Isaiah lost it with big tears and loud sobs proclaiming I don't want the scary chips, I don't want the scary chips. Elijah looked at the bag like it would reach out and grab him. There was no reasoning with them; they didn't care that mommy didn't have big taco "hells" to put their meatballs into. Bottom line there was no way my boys were eating out of the Fritos bag. So, like any desperate mom I came up with a plan. Dump the scary chips in a bowl- and all fear is gone. Go figure. One lesson learned- fun and easy- isn't always.

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