Sunday, January 6, 2019

Hey Handsome...It's Your First Birthday!

Some of my first words to him were Hey Handsome.  They stuck.  It's usually how I greet him. His Pappy calls him Roscoe, Penelope calls him Bud-Bud or Si-Si.  I'm not sure if he knows what his real name is yet (kidding). 

He is beyond a doubt the most precious baby boy.  

He was born at the perfect time but also a time when our world was kind of falling apart. Poor baby never got a welcome to the world blogpost.  I feel like I missed the first few months of his life, because his Pappy and I were neck deep in surviving trauma parenting.  

He is teaching me so much. And while I wish I could soothe him to sleep anytime he was tired(and about the only one besides his Momma/Daddy who can) I know and encourage his need for his Momma. I can see the "Circle of Attachment" work the way it should so I am the first person to hand this sweet baby boy over to his Momma when he cries for her. 

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